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jamaica weddingJamaica Wedding

These newlyweds were married in Jamaica.
The beautiful bride is wearing our Hand-Beaded Sarong Set,
with the sarong folded in half and the beaded trim on the bottom - Just Gorgeous!!

half folded sarong

sri lanka weddingsri lanka beach Wedding
This stunning new bride was married in Sri Lanka, Asia
wearing our Hand-Beaded Sarong Set

luau wedding

tropical weddingsequin sarong set
Our Embroidered, Sequin Set was the choice for this picturesque Florida wedding.

halter style sarong set

These gorgeous new brides are wearing
our Halter Style - Embroidered, Sequin Sarong Set

white sarong weddinghawaiin wedding
Florida (Left) ~ Las Vegas, Nevada (Right)

carribean wedding
Rose Byar ~ Married in the Caribbean.
Rose is wearing our White, Hand-Beaded Set.

hand-beaded sarongevening wedding

Our Hand-Beaded, Sarong Set was the choice for this evening Hawaiian wedding.

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